Monday, February 24, 2014

Kawaii Gyaru Shop Review

Hello there! This post is going to be about my experience with Kawaii Gyaru Shop. Kawaii Gyaru Shop is run by Stephanie Jasky from Michigan. Her shop sells mostly Liz Lisa, tralala, and off brand Roma gyaru style clothing, and accessories. I had recently purchased a pair of shoes from her for an upcoming dinner I had with friends, and let me tell you that her customer service was outstanding!

 Product: Liz Lisa thigh-high suede boots (nwt)
Color: Beige
Size: L in JP.

The boots are surprisingly comfortable! I did buy them a bit too big because i was worried the thigh part would be too small, but you can adjust with the lace up. they actually fit really well considering I am a M in JP shoe sizes, so I am happy I got them in an L. However, for next time I will order an M. Besides the fitting, the shoes are gorgeous, and the beige color perfectly matched my dress. I received so many compliments on them. completely 100% happy with this purchase!       out of 5.

❤ Communication: With every question and message I sent, her reply was prompt. She is also very thoughtful. I told her I was on a budget because my mothers apartment burned down that week and I had to buy my sisters all new clothes and school supplies. She not only help me  cut the cost of shipping with the boots but sent me extra goodies AND put a little goodie package together for my little sisters which they loved and I am very thankful and touched.       out of 5.

❤ Shipping and Packaging: She came up with an idea to cut the cost of shipping in half by shipping the boots in two separate small boxes, and I received both of them two days before my dinner, (good timing!). Both boxes where wrapped and stuffed securely to protect the boots from getting damaged, and to my surprise one was filled with a couple of Sanrio goodies that I loved! Thank you very much! 
      out of 5.
Boxes they got shipped in.
Goodies I received, fuzzy socks, oil blotting paper, eyelash case, and hello kitty mat. :)

❤ Overall experience: My experience with Kawaii Gyaru Shop was 100% positive, not one bad thing from ordering from her and I definitely can not wait to order from this shop again.  Had one of the best customer service experiences that I ever had from this shop.       out of 5.

*You can find her website here:
                      Facebook here:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dead Island: Riptide Collectors Edition

Stated in a previous post before, I like to play videogames alot. So i wanted to show what was inside Dead Island: Riptide Collectors Edition, with the guide. It was actually pretty pricey, the set was 80.00$, and you got  20% off the game guide which made it about 16.00$.
The guide and the outside of the collectors box.

 The collectors box with the outside taken off.

 Inside the box when it was first opened.

Underneath the game.
which included; a key replica from the game, a zombie hula bobble figure, and a zombie hand bottle opener magnent.

This version was only available if you pre-ordered it. I bought it because i am a big fan of the first game, this game is just as good in my opinion. If you really weren't into the ga,e then it would of been a waste of money to others. I am extremely satisfied with the collectors set. The only bad thing was that if you pre-ordered online with Gamestop the guide was free. that was a fail on Gamestops' part.... I really really really like the zombie hand bottle opener magnent JUST FU***** SAYING...
Anyways thank you for reading!

April showers bring May flowers!

HEY! How was everyones April? Mine was ok. i only got to see my girl Kiana once! Which really sucked. She finally came over to my house though, for like an hour to do make-up then we went to the mall. Here was my coord. I was going to something edgy because I was dying to wear my new zombie shirt.

I loved this outfit! None of it's brand named, it's just from the store i worked at. Well the jacket was from Kiana.

Thank you for reading<3

Sunday, March 3, 2013


        So Iv'e recently started playing Magic the Gathering again... Some of you are probably going w.t.f?? In response to your w.t.f, I'm a boss I do what I want. ANYWAYS for those of you who don't know what Magic the Gathering is (MTG for short), a card game with creatures and spells and all that good stuff. Made from the creators of Dungeons and Dragons. It's just something I enjoy doing, no biggie.

        So my boyfriend had helped me make a deck with 60 cards in it. Which is usually the amount other people have in their deck some have more. My deck specifically is called a burn deck and the point of it is to take down your opponent in the fastest way by constantly dealing damage to them. you want to kill them by the 5th turn the very latest. It is very aggressive which is why it is categorized under aggro (not sure if spelled right?).

        After practicing with my cards for a few weeks I decided to enter a Pro Tour Qualifying event Modern (PTQ for short). Modern means you can used cards that have been cycled out. Before we went This card shop wanted up to sponsor them by wearing their t-shirts with their logo on them at the event. The shop was called Pink Bunny Games. Really they wanted my boyfriend and his friend to wear them because they are really good but we decided to all match. As you can see I didn't really dress up too much because I was already really nervous for this being my first event and it was really cramped in there, but I still had some swagger ;) (no.. just stahp it)

Simply make-up and expression. =P

        The event was pretty huge, I think there was 170 people competing and it was over 4 hours. I didn't do so hot. I only went against three people I won the first time in every match then I lost the second and third.  There is only a few decks that can totally swamp mine otherwise im good against 75% of opponents I come across. Of course the first three people I went up against made my deck look like a bitch. The first match was against a deck that was just like mine except it splashed black cards instead of just red. Which black does more damage when added with red. The second match was against this guy who put this combination of cards together that gave him infinity life. Fuck that I lost. The third match was against this guy who I got him down to three life but kept drawing the wrong cards till he eventually killed me. My luck sucks.

        To wrap it all up I had a lot of fun anyways. I know now how to make my cards better. I'm going to splash in white which does damage and heal with red. Which is going to cost 300$ to do but I can do it over time. I have till September till the next modern event. Then im going to make a standard deck which are cards that are still in the cycle which will cost 400$ but again I have time to do it. Thank you for reading <3

Monday, January 14, 2013

quick update...

I know I suck at posting, or blogging in general. BUTTTT since this is a new year...... I will try to post often. Right now I'm just trying to look for a new job to make more money. No success yet but I will keep trying. My boyfriend of two years and almost seven months asked if I wanted to move in with him next year. I am extremely excited but for that to happen I need a job that pays more money. I am very determined. I've also started tanning, so I will be looking slightly bronzer. Look forward to my next post, about working out and more gets and buys and meet ups. Wensday I should have my next post up. I really don't have readers anyways so it doesn't matter! 
Until next time... 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Halloween time!

To celebrate Halloween I have made a list of things I would like to do!
I will hopefully accomplish them all!.... Maybe...

 Decorate my house.
       Halloween themed nails.
  Make candy apples.
                        Pass out candy in a cute costume ;)
 Carve pumpkins =9
                  Get my dogs costumes. (maybe)
                                                           Pumpkin themed chocolate covered strawberries! (maybe)

I really want to get these items checked off my list or I will be disappointed. Hopefully tomorrow I have the time to get my nails done. I'm already almost finished with decorating the house, and when this month is over I'll hit up all the discount decorations! Until the next post ;) (I feel like I sound like a robot in this post? idfk..)